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Tally-ho! In the worlds of yesteryear, everything was simpler. Quiet towns, happy people, simple lives and… dragons?

Turns out the world is not what we remember, and evil threatened the all the lands of the Earth! In this dangerous realm, a rag-tag group of heroes are thrust together in the most unlikely of circumstances, and sent forth to battle with the ultimate evil. Who will live? Who will die? Who will fail their dice rolls and hit another team-mate with a spell? Who will survive the Game of Throws?



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Since time first began, and huge explosions coupled with gravity to create planets such as our own, a single question has lingered on the lips of all creatures fortunate enough to have them. How can something be truly unplottable-impossible to map out and describe? The answer is, of course, that it can’t be-and that’s what we aim to prove on Unplottable, the podcast where impossible is proven, made fun of, and then made to feel so terrible about itself that it doesn’t show up at school the next day.
Join your favourite boys, plus their select group of people who are experts on completely useless topics, and try not to let your childhoods be destroyed as we ask: Is anything really Unplottable?