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RadioArch Update #8 – 10/2/18

Hey guys! Back with another quick update! A Game of Throws is out! Whoo! I’m so glad we finally managed to finished working on this, a whole bunch of us worked really hard on it and it turned out even better than I expected! Hopefully from now on we can push out an episode a…
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RadioArch Update #7 – 20/1/18

We are returning for the new year! And this time, for real! After a month and a half of hiatus, we’ve finally gotten off our asses to deliver some sick new to you guys! First of all, our new RPG show, “A Game of Throws”, is currently being edited- meaning it be releasing its first…
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RadioArch Update (The Return!) #6 – 12/12/17

Where have we been? Are we dead? Don’t worry, we’ve been here all along! Our podcasts are coming along (slowly but surely), and a bunch of stuff will be coming out soon! We’re working on touching up our sites, which includes creating some nifty art of each of our crew, and hopefully getting our RadioArch…
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RadioArch Update #5 – 15/11/17 – Big Reveal!

Hey guys, remember when we said something big was coming? Well, surprise! We’re announcing the start of a brand new podcast: A Game of Throws! Mostly being set up by Graidy (one of our friends and recurring guests on Unplottable), this show will see a group of people navigate their way through an original RPG…
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RadioArch Update #4 – 5/11/17

Hey! We’re back! if you’re reading this, you can probably tell our website is a lot different. We’ve had a massive overhaul, now showing our our whole group: RadioArch! In this brand spanking new website, you can find collection of Unplottable, future episodes, and a quick run down of who’s who when it comes to your…
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RadioArch Update #3 – 7/10/2017

Hey! I neglected to do one of these last week, so here’s a (late) update on what’s been going on! Firstly, the last episode of our Steven Universe series came out last week, meaning our bad movies shit-talking will start again very soon! Get excited! Our recording space is slowly growing more professional too, so our sound…
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Radioarch Update #2 – 18/09/17

Another update to pump out! Hope you guys enjoyed episode 9! Episode 10’s audio files are sitting on my computer right now, waiting to be edited… which means that it’ll be coming out pretty soon! We’re getting ready to record the next batch of episodes too, so this more regular schedule I’ve promised before may…
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RadioArch Update #1 – 13/09/2017

Hey! Guess what? I’m gonna start a weekly post, where I’ll update you guys on the business that’s going on in our world! Firstly, the new episode (episode 9!) is coming very soon, I just have to finish putting some final touches to the edit. Episode 10 is also completely recorded, so that will be…
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Another dumb hiatus.

Hey! So, yeah. Another break is on the way. We don’t actually have our recording equipment at the moment, so getting any episodes recorded isn’t very likely to happen. However, it should be only two weeks(ish) before we do get to record one, so hey, its not forever! Sorry to anyone who actually has waited…
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Coming soon – More Content!

Okay, so we are getting underway with planning the next episodes, which will all follow a similar theme. This hopefully means we can record them much faster and then be able to get episodes up quicker! Keep your eyes open and watch this space, we’ll be updating it soon!