So, you’re wondering: who does are the people that talk and mess around to pump out these podcasts? Well wonder no more! Here is your definitive guide to any and everyone who appears on our shows!


Matt is one of the regulars of the shows and co-creator of Unplottable. Working on/off in theatre, and drinking responsibly, he spends his time editing the noise they record, and when he’s not doing that, he’s probably eating. Or sleeping.





Another regular, and the other co-creator of Unplottable. You’ll find him posting on our Facebook page the most, at least when he isn’t working at McDonalds. He’s the illest Facebook admin to grace this earth.

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Graidy has an eye for all things theatrical, is one of the most often reoccuring guest on Unplottable. He also gains the title of being the guy who supplies most of the movies and shows we watch for Unplottable. You’ll certainly be hearing a lot more from him soon…





Sam loves his video games, which is probably why whenever we do an episode about a video game tie-in, he’s often there. Anything from Overwatch to Pokemon, if you’re talking games, he’ll be there.




Tomas was eventually convinced to come onto Unplottable after lots of coaxing, and once he appeared, he couldn’t stop cropping up. Usually appearing to talk about cartoons like Steven Universe, Tomas spends his down time winning Smash Bros tournaments.





Josh has been with Unplottable since the very beginning, appearing in our (terrible) first episode, about TMNT. Josh loves playing board games, and we often spend f*cking ages playing them and getting mad at each other.




A budding musician, Ryan plays in several different bands. He’s also got a lot to talk about when it come to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ryan has appeared in the least amount of episodes of Unplottable so far, but we’ll have him back one day soon!





Even though she’s been on few episodes, Darcey has plenty to say about movies and their characters. She loves a good Marvel film (emphasis on good), and is also working on her acting skills. Look out for Darcey in our shows in the future!






Will, after watching Justice League, couldn’t be stopped from coming onto the podcast to become another of our guests. Occasionally running a YouTube channel on the side, he spends his time making gameplay highlights. Or he just plays Overwatch. I’m not sure.

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