RadioArch Update #7 – 20/1/18

RadioArch Update #7 – 20/1/18

We are returning for the new year! And this time, for real!

After a month and a half of hiatus, we’ve finally gotten off our asses to deliver some sick new to you guys! First of all, our new RPG show, “A Game of Throws”, is currently being edited- meaning it be releasing its first episode sometime later this month!
Secondly, some news about our original show, “Unplottable”. This show has been the show that got us started, and worked for us well through our first year. However, as we grow and start to figure out what we want to do, our content will obviously change with that growth. What does this mean for you lads? Well, from now on, we are not longer making new episodes of Unplottable.
However! Don’t leave us just yet!
To fill the movie-related podcast shaped hole in your heart, we will be doing a new podcast, one which we can organise much quicker and record more, which will be making its debut next week! What is this podcast? Well, you’ll just have to watch this space for the next few days…

That’s all! Thanks for hanging around guys!

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