RadioArch Update #5 – 15/11/17 – Big Reveal!

RadioArch Update #5 – 15/11/17 – Big Reveal!

Hey guys, remember when we said something big was coming? Well, surprise!

We’re announcing the start of a brand new podcast: A Game of Throws!

Mostly being set up by Graidy (one of our friends and recurring guests on Unplottable), this show will see a group of people navigate their way through an original RPG adventure campaign created specifically for us! But, we hear you ask, who is in this fabulous podcast? Well, look no further! Our adventuring cast includes:

Edan as God/The plot

with Graidy, Darcey, Matt and newcomers Paige and Joel each playing their own character in the new adventure!

Hopefully, if everything goes arccording to plan, episodes will come out inbetween each Unplottable, starting later this year! We can’t wait to share this new podcast with you!

Get excited!


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